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Inspection: Quality Control Laboratory

Defects in the sapphire crystals have as volume (gas inclusions, structure defects, etc.) as surface character (scratches, digs, growing structure, etc.).

The quality of all of our manufactured sapphire parts is very important at PST. In our Quality Control Laboratory we have the latest computerized quality control measuring equipment for the inspection of completed sapphire parts. PST are investing in the modern equipment to enable us to inspect manufactured parts to all customers requirements.

Our Quality Inspection process has Manual Inspection and Instrumental Inspection stages. For Tolerances and Dimensions Control we are using computerized Comparison Inspection Method for large quantities. It lets us to make inspection more quickly and accurately.

We are testing sapphire crystal orientation, surface and volume quality by polarized microscope. For measuring flatness and parallelism tests we are using the laser interferometer. Laser interferometer has software, which able to generate Test Report of inspected sapphire parts.

Laboratory capabilities:

In order to assure the high quality of our products we provide Certificate of Conformance (COC).

Quality Inspection Laboratory
PST Quality Control Laboratory
laser interferometer
Laser interferometer
polarized microscope
Polarized microscope
Sapphire crystal volume and surface defects
Volume and surface defects under microscope
Digital caliper and micrometers
Digital caliper and micrometers
Digital caliper
Digital caliper
Digital micrometer 0-1 inch
Digital micrometer 0-1 inch

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