Sapphire Tubes, Rods, Spheres & Special Shapes

Sapphire Tubes, Rods, Spheres and Special Shapes

Unusual synthetic sapphire shapes are one of PST's areas of expertise. PST grows synthetic sapphire into a variety of shapes such as: domes, tubes, ribbons and shells. The Stepanov synthetic sapphire near net growth method allows shapes to be formed with minimal or no grinding; a cost and time saving benefit.

PST has the flexibility to grow synthetic sapphire to near net shapes. Shapes can be grown to specific orientations or random orientations (lower cost). Typically sapphire tubes and rods are grown with the C-axis parallel to the part axis. Whereas sheet and ribbon are usually grown in the A-plane orientation or R-plane for semiconductor applications. The surface finish for “as-grown” parts varies from clear to a translucent look, depending on the shape and size of the part being grown.

Synthetic sapphire is a superior material for many applications because it is one of the hardest, most wear-resistant, chemical resistant and thermally stable materials available.

Applications of Synthetic Sapphire Tubes, Rods, Spheres & Special Shapes

Sapphire custom profiles tubes, custom sapphire rods with holes
Sapphire custom profiles tubes,
custom sapphire rods with holes

Some of PST's Synthetic Sapphire Tubes, Sapphire Rods, Spheres & Special Shapes:

  • Tubes — for plasma, high-pressure, high-purity & semiconductor applications
  • Micro tubes — for medical & fiber optic applications
  • Domes — for high-pressure systems & missile nose domes
  • Rods & pins — for fiber optics, bio-engineering, dental & medical bone implants
  • Crucibles — for thermal analysis, foundry & casting
  • Insulators — for high power RF & microwave applications
  • Wear parts — for rods, bearings, blocks & friction plates in dynamic systems where physical & positional integrity must be maintained over time

Sapphire tubes with surfaces as grown
Sapphire tubes
with surfaces “as grown”:
traditional growing (left)
and innovative growing method (right)
Sapphire pins
Sapphire pins Sapphire ribbons
Sapphire ribbons
50mm wide, up to 900 mm long
with surfaces “as grown”
Large sapphire tubes with thick walls for high pressure applications
Sapphire tubes with thick walls
for high pressure applications,
OD and ID are polished

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