Which type of sapphire windows are preferable for mounting on combustion chamber at high pressure & temperature?

The type of sapphire window as Sight window can be practically anyone. But with orientation C- plane. The estimate of thickness is engineering job.

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I would like to know what size tubes you have available, and their pressure rating, I wish to use them as a view pressure vessel, approx 50 - 100ml volume. I would also like some additional information about the preferred method of sealing to 316L stainless steel end plates I need to manufacture. The pressure I am shooting for is approx 350BAR.
I have a question in regards to sapphire and lasers. How does sapphire hold up against lasers. I need to cut some semi transparent film with a laser. I'm using a backlight and a machine vision system to determine where I need to cut, and then use a laser to cut. The focused laser power is less the 2 watts. Do you think sapphire would not ablate with this power of laser?
I would like to use sapphire window in an instrument measuring fluorescence of a fluid in a well. The excitation light would pass through the sapphire window. How much will the sapphire fluorescence compared to fused silica or optical glasses?
We are at this stage working on a prototype laser for subsea use. We need a custom made flange mounted on a clear glass. The glass diameter will be ca 30mm. I am not sure of which type of glass we need for the application. Max pressure will be 15.000psi and max temp 150 degC. Do we need to use a sapphire to get it strong enough or can we go for a glass of lower quality/price? How thick will the glass need to be to be able to handle this type of pressure and temperature? If this product are set in production a Typical order of glass will be 25-50 or 100 pieces, how will this impact on the price?
We've a optical sensor which exists of 2 saphire windows in glued a Stainless steel housing. The windows and the cylindrical SS housing should be one smouth surface. No glue recesses are allowed. Can you grind and/or lappe the surfaces without loosing optical properties?
Would it be possible for you to send me a price list for High pressure sight windows?
I am thinking about using a sapphire lightpipe to reduce the effect ot convection currents in a 1000degC interferometer instrument I am designing. I would need a lightpipe around 40mm across (either circular or rectangular 40mm x10mm). How long a lightpipe would be possible to have made? I would need the end faces to be parallel and polished, but slightly tilted to stop reflections affecting my instrument. As I am using polarised light in my experiment is it possible to select a crystal orientation that will not experience birefringence? I assume as the material is a single crystal that the material properties are very homogeneous.
Which type of sapphire windows are preferable for mounting on combustion chamber at high pressure & temperature?
We'd like to measure some effects on materials in an oven. The product itself can increase temperatures up to 2000°C. I have no idea about the air temperature of the oven. I want to use sapphire as a window for a cooled thermal imaging camera from 3-5µm. Would Sapphire be the right choise? What is the thickness I should take, or is there a maximum diameter? Is it possible to buy just one or two pieces?

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